Tulip Inn De Valk Franeker is located on the edge of the former university city of Franeker. The historical city centre is characterised by beautiful canals, professors’ residences and so-called Frisian ‘stinzen’. The capital of the province of Fryslân, Leeuwarden, is situated just about 20 kilometres eastward, but the picturesque port Harlingen is also worth paying a visit, which can be expanded with a passage to one of the Wadden Islands.

Tulip Inn De Valk is easily accessible and offers a variety of leisure activities, though businesslike meetings can be arranged as well. Please look around on this site or contact us to receive further information.

We hope to see you in our hotel soon.

Hotel Information

On this web page, you can find more information about the hotel and its facilities

Virtual Tour

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The name of the hotel, De Valk (The Falcon), has been derived from In de Vergulden Falck (In the Golden Falcon) that came into existence in 1628 A.D. Several decades later, it changed into In de Valk (In the Falcon) and, eventually, the name Hotel De Valk (Hotel The Falcon) was applied to the building in the square "Raadhuisplein". Henceforth, the city of Franeker has had the disposal of a hotel. In 1968 A.D. this building was renovated in medieval style and became the main office of the local "Friesland Bank".

The name Hotel De Valk was applied to the current building on the Hertog van Saxenlaan not sooner than 1983 A.D. In this year, General Manager Mr. Kuperus decided to buy the recently burned down Motel Franeker and reattach the former purposes to this place. However, when the last owner of Hotel De Valk, Ms. Zoodsma, gave her permission, Kuperus decided to use the historically well-known De Valk.

Currently, Tulip Inn De Valk Franeker is an independent owned hotel and a franchisee of the Golden Tulip Inns and Resorts Group.


What would you like for dinner? Whether you would prefer the fine French cuisine, the local specialities or simply a good solid meal, our chef will prepare it with love.

Our menu is carefully composed by the chef and is regularly adjusted to the seasons. You could also choose for a little snack, a daily special or one of the typical Dutch dishes. Moreover, we serve a variety of kids’ menus for our little guests. Our staff tries to serve your dinner as fast as possible, without losing track of the high quality you would expect in a four-star hotel.

The atmosphere in our restaurant is friendly and cosy, which is frequently considered to be typical of the Frisian area. This will be reflected not only in the staff’s behaviour, but also in the decoration.

The kitchen’s opening hours daily from 12:00 PM - 21:00 PM

Bar and Lounge

Since our hotel bar is partly separated from the restaurant’s main part, it gives the feeling of being in a small pub. From 11.00 am until 1.00 am, our bartender will be more than pleased to serve a wide variety of drinks.

However, guests can also choose to enjoy a drink in our more relaxing lounge, which is equipped with comfortable sofas and chairs.


Roof Garden

Tulip Inn De Valk has the disposal of a small roof garden that is accessible for hotel guests exclusively. This terrace is the perfect place to sit and relax in isolated peace.

Parking Place

In front of the hotel’s entrance a parking place is situated. This relatively large parking space is private ownership of Tulip Inn De Valk, so that all guests can be offered a place for their cars next to the hotel. If the parking space, however, appears to be overloaded after all, guests are able to park their cars for free in the hotel’s surroundings.

Moreover, at the parking place two garage boxes have been established to store not only our guests’ bicycles, but also the rental bicycles of the hotel.

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